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01/05/2016 - 28/02/2017

MS Orlando

Trisha Baga

Trisha Baga (1985) is a young New York-based artist who is known for her immersive multi-media and 3D video installations. Characterised by the inter-layering of subjects and themes and the use of accelerated attention, her works incorporate found materials and handcrafted objects, and draw on diverse media and techniques to activate transitional encounters between objects in real and digitised space.

Like Pat O’Neill, Trisha Baga treats moving images with remarkable freedom, seeing them as just another material, and uses non-sequential and non-linear editing techniques to show the everyday world from different perspectives. Both artists foreground the fleeting and variable nature of perceptual experience. They switch from abstract to representational images in variously processed formats and combinations that echo myths and narratives of the present, the past and the future.

In this exhibition we show Trish Baga’s film MS Orlando (2015), one part of the larger Orlando project that references both the city in Florida and the novel by Virginia Woolf. The action takes place in the distant future where, following a great thaw, Florida has been flooded and Orlando is one of the last cities to be submerged. Peacocks are the dominant species; a ceramic slide-projector appears like an archaeological artefact from long ago; gaming chairs fitted with speakers emit diegetic and non-diegetic sounds from disparate sources; and a stream of images appear of synchronised dancing in a shopping centre, various open windows on a computer screen, tourists in New York’s Times Square, things happening underwater, peacocks advancing towards the camera, and Baga herself drags paint across the images. Geography, time and space are conflated in multiple shifting and interpenetrating layers, meanings and narratives.