Dear costumers and friends,
On May 11, 12 and 13 Quinta do Quetzal will be close for a private event.
Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you next time.


Quinta do Quetzal is set in the heart of the Alentejo region on the rich slopes of Vidigueira. It is close to the oldest known Roman winery in Portugal and Spain. The microclimate and our hills make it the perfect location for a unique terroir. Here the grapes grow on soil rich in Schist, our local mineral stone. The focus is on the limited production of concentrated and top quality grapes in order to create a wine that expresses the character of the surroundings. Our modern winery preserves both Roman and ancient Alentejo winemaking traditions and techniques. The grapes are inserted on top of the Adega and end up as fine wines in our wine cellars, helped purely naturally by gravity. The cellars are deep underground to create a natural, cool temperature where the wines can age gradually.

To complete the Quetzal experience we opened a new building with a restaurant, shop and art centre. The building is partly covered with Schist. The building both stands out and fits into its surroundings seamlessly. The surrounding space has been designed to incorporate natural local plants in order to maximise the experience of the natural habitat of the Alentejo.

Family Estate

Cees and Inge de Bruin are collectors and patrons of contemporary art. They, together with their family, have had a warm relationship with Portugal for more than 40 years. Through Quinta do Quetzal they hope to share their passion for Portuguese culture, nature, food and wine with others. Every year, in collaboration with their daughter, Aveline de Bruin, they create a new exhibition on the estate. Their own collection and connections in the art world will be a starting point for each exhibition.

People at the estate


Meet the wine makers that turn ancient techniques, rich terroir and perfect grapes into pure masterpieces.


José Portela, our resident winemaker

'Only when the grapes reach their full potential can you make a superior wine. That’s why I smell, taste, sample and analyse them every day to determine the exact moment to harvest them.'

José Portela (1976) was born and raised in Torres Vedras where he studied winemaking, later graduating in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Évora. He then gained valuable experience by working for several reputed brands in the Alentejo and Ribatejo before completing his post-graduate studies in oenology at the University of Évora in 2009. He has been the resident oenologist of Quinta do Quetzal since its establishment.

Rui Reguinga, our flying winemaker

'The vineyards are my palette, the grapes my paint, and the barrels my pencils! I strive to turn every bottle into a masterpiece.'

Rui Reguinga (1966) was born and raised in Almeirim, Ribatejo where he developed the desire to pursue a career in the wine business. His vocation took shape when he graduated in Food Engineering at the Lisbon School of Agronomy. He then gained valuable experience in the Champagne and Bordeaux region, worked for several reputed brands in the major Portuguese wine-growing regions, and advised on various projects in Brazil, Argentina, Sri Lanka and Austria. Since 2010, Rui has been the flying winemaker of Quinta do Quetzal.

Reto Jörg, our general manager

'The quality of the soil, the perfect microclimate, high standard field management, handcrafted winemaking, and the right, motivated team; I make sure that all the circumstances are met in order to create wine that is worthy of the label art.'

Reto Jörg (1963) was born in Holland of Swiss parents and has always been closely involved with agriculture and vineyards. After completing his studies, he gained experience in Switzerland, Belgium, England and Argentina. In 1986, he came to Portugal where he worked in agricultural consultancy. He has planned and carried out several winemaking projects in the Alentejo and is also a project leader in Spain and Sri Lanka.
Since 2001, he has mentored and is responsible for the Quinta do Quetzal project. He also manages the development and brand awareness of the Quinta do Quetzal and Guadalupe brand names in various markets.

Pedro Mendes, our consultant Chef

'Cuisine is a very intuitive thing. It is something which comes from within. My passion is for Portuguese cuisine.'

Pedro Mendes (1974) encountered the professional world of cuisine almost by chance, since for a good part of his life he thought he was going to be a lawyer. Having begun his career as a chef in Belgium, Lisbon-born Pedro Mendes travelled around Europe for a while, and worked in The Netherlands, France, England and Ireland. In recent years he has been both owner and chef of a good many restaurants. He is a consultant chef and author of books on cuisine. 2013 saw the launch of ‘O Renascer da Bolota’ (‘The Acorn Revival’), the first book of its kind in Portugal on the culinary use of acorns in which a collection of his own original recipes has been made available to everyone. He is heavily influenced by the gastronomy of the Alentejo, which he greatly admires.