Exposição Actual


explore heaven now

Nora Turato

Quetzal Art Center is pleased to present its fifth site-specific mural featuring the work of Nora Turato.

In her videos, sculptural installations, artist books, murals and spoken word performances she cleverly combines the meaning, sound, and visual qualities of language. The words or sentences she explores in her work originate from the phrases that fill up our brains daily. They are brought together by Nora to form her pool of inspiration coming from a wide variety of sources like advertisements, press releases, cinema, literature, social media, music clips and simple text found while walking on the street reinterpreting the relations between culture and the written word.

At Quetzal Art Center she uses her skills as a graphic designer to conceive her mural and plays with the architecture at hand. The bright red ovals tumble against a striking green background down the stairs getting stuck or piled on top of each other, inviting you to come down and explore heaven now. A beautiful puzzle between form, color and content.

Nora Turato (Zagreb, 1991) lives and works in Amsterdam (NL). She has exhibited her work at venues including Centre Pompidou, Paris; Philara Collection, Düsseldorf; Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto; Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein; Beursschouw- burg, Brussels; Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen; LUMA Foundation, Zürich; Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld; CIAP, Hasselt; Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; Manifesta 12, Palermo; and mumok, Vienna and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.