Quetzal wine
Our range of Premium wines shares its name with the Quinta itself.
Every year, we choose the grapes with the greatest winemaking potential from the vineyards and this allow us to make wine which best reflects the spirit of the Quinta do Quetzal.

Quetzal Reserva branco

Our fine Reserva White is pressed exclusively from pure Antão Vaz grapes from our oldest vines. Read more

Quetzal Reserva tinto

Our fine Reserva Red is made with the best Syrah, Alicante Bouschet and Trincadeira grapes. Read more

Quetzal Cabernet Sauvignon

Our fine Cabernet is made from the grapes of a single field. Harvested by hand and processed naturally by gravity in our modern winery. Read more


At the top of the hill is the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the final stop of ancestral pilgrimages and festivals, and a place that reflects a heavenly blessing for the long history of winemaking in Vidigueira.
Created as an homage to the love for vines and winemaking which the Chapel represents, the charm of the seductive Guadalupe wine was inspired by the perfection and magic of the place of its origin.

Guadalupe branco

Our Guadelupe Vinho Branco has a fruity flavour, with hints of tropical fruit and a citric and mineral finish. Read more

Guadalupe rose

Guadalupe Vinho Rose is a fruity, fresh and well-balanced wine, with the great taste of raspberries and strawberries. Read more

Guadalupe tinto

Guadalupe Vinho Tinto has an intense flavour with hints of red fruits, reminiscent of raspberries and cherries. It also has a harmonious, smooth, full-bodied and soft palate. Read more

Guadalupe Winemaker’s Selection branco

Our Winemakers selected the best grapes from the Antão Vaz grapes variety, which resulted in a mineral and fresh white wine with great aromatic complexity. Read more

Guadalupe Winemaker’s Selection tinto

Our winemakers selected the best grapes with a perfect level of maturity from the Syrah, Alicante Bouschet and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties. Read more

Sustainable winemaking

Our grapes are grown, and our wines made, in a natural and sustainable way every day. Our production is 100% certified (by CVRA). We protect our soil, avoid erosion, and use only mineral fertilizers. All this is done in order to harvest only the best grapes. The winery is designed to work purely through gravity and our underground cellars are naturally cooled.